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7 Step to Fix Corruption Using Social Media

Stop Corruption - Dekho Bhopal NewsStep 1.  An Emotive Incident needs to happen.

  • Go to a government office with 2 or 3 friends and record secretly from different angles (With your cell phone/secret Camera) an incident of bribe being paid or a government official asking you the bribe.
  • Once recorded, immediately SMS/Text it to few friends of yours.

Step 2.  First and Last Warning:-

  • Go back to the corrupt government official, with the particular video and tell him that if he does not pass the file or if he still takes a bribe,  then his video will be publicized in the media.
  • Also go to the office of his higher-up (boss) and lodge a formal complaint on the erring Corrupt Official. Let the Higher Authority/Government Official know that there is a proof of corruption and it will be made public, if he does not stop corruption in his department very soon

Every Government official should be afraid of being recorded secretly.
If by doing just this much, does not work, then follow the steps below →

Get the Phone Number, email address and office/home address of the corrupt official (takes 10 seconds on Google)
Step 4. Create your own Media
Create a Facebook Page of this incident. Add photos and videos of the incident in the Photo Album (about an hour’s job, if u make a nice welcome page etc.)

  • Create a website describing the incident, with solid videos and audios. Show the kind of real actions taken by you (not meaningless activities like dharna/morcha or candlelight marches).
    • Use to create a website. Its very straightforward and anybody with basic computer knowledge can create their own website. (Total Time take 2 hours )
    • Update this website with latest developments.
  • Broadcast Corruption Live: Register yourself with (and there are many such free websites). All that you need is a laptop/webcam or an IPAD/Tablet PC.
    • Just place this in a vantage point, so that you can live-stream a cop taking bribe on a street
    • If you want to do a Hunger Strike at home, then broadcast yourself live (including you sleeping), by placing the Webcam pointing at you
    • Provide the link of your live stream channel to everybody on social media/email chain/on Website

STEP 5. Clog emails of the government Official and the higher authority with a petition.

  • Use (or any other) to create this petition. (Total time taken max 30 min.)
    • Draft a nice petition letter and explain on the petition website, the details of the incident.
    • Keep updating this petition with regular updates and videos
    • Post the link of this petition on the Facebook Page and the website that has been created.

STEP 6. Call your local corrupt govt. official and his higher authorities

  • Record your call again.
    • This time give him a deadline. Also mention a consequence , if the deadline is not met.
    • Use two cell phones, one to video record yourself and other to talk over the speaker.  Or use a landline phone, with a speaker option to talk and a smart phone (Android/Iphone) to record. Total Time Taken – max 30 min.
    • YouTube the video and spread it (viral) as much possible in the social media and if possible (??) the traditional mainstream media.
  • How to go spread your message and go viral on Facebook?
    • Make a Facebook Page of the incident.  Post your video on that Facebook Page.
    • Join as many Facebook Groups as possible. Turn off the Notification, since u do not want to bothered by what is posted on the facebook.
    • Ensure that each Facebook group, that you join has a sizable number of members (>500).
    • Share your video post from the Facebook Page onto each of these FaceBook Groups.
    • Also Share it on walls of friends, who have a 1000+ friends
  • How to go Viral on Twitter?
    • Create Multiple Twitter Accounts.
    • In every Twitter Account, follow specifically different people
      • The criterion to follow somebody is, that he should have few thousand followers.
      • Ensure that he is a prominent Anti-Corruption Figure. (Eg. KiranBedi, Arvind kejriwal etc.)
    • Create a nice hashtag.
    • Add the link to the video on FB page, to your tweet and also add other followers of yours.
    • Tweet from each account, with the hash tag.
    • Repeat this from every account and add various people whom you follow in your retweets
  • How to go Viral with Emails?
    • Create a nice catchy subject line
    • Add the link to video of the incident, the link to facebook page and all other relevant information on the main body of the email
    • Send this email to everybody in your contact list or as many people in your email list and ask them to forward it further

STEP 7. Bombard the cell phones of the government officials and all the related higher authorities with SMS’s.

    • Write whatever u want, as long as its less than 160 char :-)  Total time take max 45 seconds. Use this to send free SMS (
    • Provide few good catchy SMS text on your Facebook Page, Website & Online Petition and share it with as many people as possible (as specified above)

We, at RTI Anonymous are confident that these 7 steps should embarrass the government offices and proper action is taken immediately.

RTI Anonymous


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