Critic by Ankita Jain

Our experience and your activism, Let’s start this Year without criticism………….!!!!

Critic by Ankita JainIn this sentence there are two characters “Our” and “Your”. Any guesses who they are? You might think that “Our” is the member of this magazine and “Your” means the readers of this magazine. But if you think this way then I am sorry that your guess is wrong, my dear friends!

In this sentence “Our” depicts the previous generation i.e. our parents’ generation and “Your” depicts ‘US’, the youth of this country. Now, let me tell you the reason behind sharing this thought with you.

Recently, I visited my friend Nikita, at her home. She was fighting with her mom. I was shocked because I had never seen this earlier and thought that there was no reason for Nitika to ever fight with her parents. She is in her final year of engineering from a well known college in Delhi. She belongs to an upper middle class family and has full liberty to live her life as she wants and as she shares a sound relationship with her parents. Then what went wrong today? After some time I found that it was her fight to fulfill one of her dreams. She wanted to be a photo model for a magazine. But her mom denied this wish because she believes that modeling and film industry isn’t for daughters from a good family background. She said that it would neither be safe nor a respectable profession for NIkita. After a long fight she said that Nitika would have to choose between her family or her dream. Nikita chose to pursue her dream.

I wonder if she cared to think deeply about why her family did not agree with her and be a part of her happiness? Can this society help to fulfill the gap between parents and their children?  There are many such questions in our lives. Now just think who comprises to be this society? Obviously, we make it. For others, our families are a society. And most of our decisions depend on the acceptance by the society. This is nothing except the fear of CRITICISM.

To remove this fear of criticism from our society, we need to stop fighting with our parents. We must stop thinking that they can never understand us. Just think once, “Are they your enemies; will your parents be unhappy if you got success and fame in life?” Then why are our parents forced to behave like this? It is not because they are backward; it isn’t because of the generation gap. Instead, it is because they care for us and can’t hear a word against us, and it is only because they LOVE us.

I am not saying that you should not pursue your dreams, but for this, you need not fight with your parents. Instead, you should patiently discuss with them and listen to their apprehensions. Considering the fact that there are two sides of a coin, you should give them your point of view respectfully. Let them know how you are capable of handling the difficult situations they fear of and the very fact that in order to evolve, we need to move beyond the limitations, fears & criticism. Only YOU can do this; only WE can do this. We are a part of this society and we must trouble-shoot the criticisms with the support and guidance of our parents.

There is a solution for every problem but only with mutual love, trust and understanding.

By : Ankita Jain

Ankita JainAnkita Jain, is an M. Tech and had worked as a Assistant Professor, Bansal Institute of Engineering, Bhopal. She is a  writer by her passion, who finds time every day no matter what, to puts her thoughts and experience into a paper, she paints and clicks in her freetime, and she believes Multi tasking is a Myth, but thinks concentration and desire leads any one to do anything!

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