Bhopal, has continually responded to the nationwide call for a free, just, and secular India. On Sunday, 5th Jan’ 2020 the city’s youth, led by a social organization ‘Parinde’, assembled near Lake View, a prime location for Bhopalites to unwind after a hectic weekend.

The event “Mehfil” aimed to spread awareness about the Indian constitution. It consisted of participatory activities such as live music, open art space, and “chai-par-charcha” that thoroughly engaged passersby as well as the attendees of the event. Songs and poetry of resistance such as “Hum Dekhenge”, “Tu Zinda Hai”, and “Dastoor” enthralled the audience; notable performers included Manthan Gurung, Mohd. Anzar, Shabbar Hussain, Sarim Raza, Samar Saeed Khan, Mashgool Meherbani, Aurangzeb Azam, and Hasan Qureshi.

In the Open Art Space, Shrey Saxena, Gaurav Sen, and Sailesh Gupta painted thought-provoking canvases on the topic ‘What does India mean to you?’ One of the organizers remarked, “Our sincere efforts towards peaceful campaigns have borne humble results. Today the turnout was around 120 which has further motivated us to organize similar events in the future.”